RCS Messaging

Text messaging has been around for over 30 years, and we still use it to connect with people and businesses. With increasing advancements in technology and our constantly changing day-to-day habits, SMS services are hardly being used by the general public because apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat are taking over and making our messaging experience more immersive with features like read receipts, group messaging, animated stickers, etc.

RCS messaging service in Mumbai

    RCS (Rich Communications Services) is a next-generation SMS protocol being championed by the GSMA, Google & Android, Samsung, and many carriers and mobile phone manufacturers. Simply put, Android messages have evolved to a protocol that is more efficient and likable in these modern times. The protocol allows the exchange of group chats, video, audio, and high-resolution images, plus read receipts and real-time viewing, and looks and functions like other rich messaging apps. Get to know more about RCS messaging service in Mumbai with Mobilogi.

    Take a look at why RCS messaging is a huge step for the telecom world:
    With SMSes, if you wanted to communicate with your audience across multiple platforms, it would require developers to pay huge amount of attention to a variety of things like APIs, app capabilities, and display restrictions which would have taken time and money both from your business! But with RCS multi-platform communication has become cost-effective.

    With RCS messaging, businesses can take the benefit of sending real-time engaging updates with flexible content. Providing a call to action has become extremely easy as the CTA is in the message itself instead of clicking on a link that would redirect you to a site. We can help you learn more about RCS messaging services in Mumbai.

    We at Mobilogi love new technology, and we believe RCS is something that could change the dynamics of messaging for businesses. For more information on RCS messaging service in Mumbai, contact us!

    With this more interactive upgrade to the old SMS protocol, it's getting easier for businesses to communicate with their target audience (Application-to-person (A2P) messaging). With RCS messaging, audiences can verify businesses and messages that can ultimately help businesses build trust with its target market.