Email Solutions

We get a lot of emails daily, some annoying, some useful, and some extremely important, most of these come in a marketing category called Email Marketing..

Email solutions in Mumbai
  • What is Email Marketing?

    Email Marketing is a tool for promoting your brand through the means of email only to those contacts who have given their permission to receive email communications from you. Modern Email Marketing has shifted to consent and personalization, unlike spamming emails in the past.

  • There are three types of emails in marketing.

  • Promotion Emails: These emails are used to promote a product or service, and usually have a clear Call To Action for the reader to follow.

    Informational Emails: These emails are usually news-related, updating, and announcing to people about the changes in the business.

    Re-engagement Emails: These emails are used to reconnect with customers or subscribers who haven’t been active lately.

    You might be thinking in this age of social media, is Email Marketing relevant? Yes, social media is important, but email has several advantages too. Firstly, emails can be more highly personalized than those on social media campaigns. The costs for Email Marketing are considerably low than other channels when thinking of reach and conversion rate. It helps the brand know how loyal a customer is, and how much should they be investing in them. Email Marketing also lets you reach your target audience directly

    Choose us for Email Marketing solutions in Mumbai. We will takes it with a well-thought strategy to keep going through your Email Marketing campaign.