Chat Bot

Have you ever been to a website and had a few questions regarding the business/product, but you were too lazy to email them just for 2 questions?
This is exactly why businesses have started installing softwares/computer programs on their website whose only function is to stimulate a conversation and clarify your queries. This program is called a Chatbot services.

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    Businesses across many industries are using these programs to handle simple tasks or queries that do not require audiences to email them and can resolve a query or task quickly with the help of an assistant or chatbot. Chatbots prove helpful if businesses are planning to increase service productivity and save time simultaneously, it also provides proactive customer interaction and analyses customer data.

    There are a whole lot of things businesses need to remember when using a Chatbot that fits their business. Here are a few:

    Should the chatbot be stateless, a chatbot that approaches each conversation as a new one, or stateful, a chatbot that remembers the past conversation and responds accordingly.

    Should the chatbot interact via text or voice?

    Should the chatbot be Structured, a chatbot built for conversations that are highly scripted (users can ask only specific questions) or be unstructured, a chatbot that isn't scripted at all and will know answers to any question the user asks.

    It's needless to say that more complex a chatbot, more time and money it takes. Some businesses have everything laid out for the customers hence investing in a complex chatbot won't make sense to them, but some businesses tend to have more complex products and services that call for a complex chatbot that can answer whatever the customers ask.
    Hence we advise you to think about your business and build a chatbot accordingly.
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