SMS Solutions in Mumbai

Let's agree to it! SMS Marketing has been an old player in the market and is still going strong! A few reasons for its success are, that it's easy to converse, they're easy to send, and there is always a sense of personalization attached to it.

bulk sms solutions provider in Mumbai
  • Promotional and discount

    These types of SMS are extremely common as they make your audience aware of the offers your brand is providing. It also helps in attracting a new audiences to your brand. You will usually see these at the time of festivals as most of the offers are available then.

  • Flash sale

    The name speaks for itself, these kinds of messages always convey a level of urgency to the audience about a discount or an offer. They are often shorter, and more interesting which makes people click on their call to action right away

  • Loyalty programs

    These types of messages are designed to encourage the audience to be more loyal and make a purchase or even recommend you to someone else. They often use powerful and heavy words to grab your attention.

  • Alerts and notifications

    These types of messages update the audience on any new arrivals, changes in the brand’s current services, etc. They often highlight words that need attention so that they can stick to the audiences' minds.

  • We think SMSes have been here for a long time and will stick for even longer. So keep up!
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