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Below is the Case Study of a CPI(Cost Per Installation) Campaign Successfully Delivered by Mobilogi Technologies.

Case Study CPI

Campaign Name: Yupp Tv

About Yupp Tv.

Yupptv India provides live tv, Watch Live tv, live Indian channels, live tv, favorite Indian tv channels live streaming and catchup tv, watch favorite tv shows.


Client wanted to increase the number of installs to have higher traffic in the App.

Client wanted quality install to ensure good ROI.


CPI Campaign can meet the requirement of the client.

CPI-(Cost per Installation) campaign

Client would pay for each install given by Mobilogi Technologies.

Mobilogi Technologies will ensure the quality of install.


Mobilogi Technologies provided more than 1 lakh installs.

Client checked the installs to ensure the quality of install given by Mobilogi Technologies

After checking all quality parameters such as no bot traffic, etc.

Client gave 100% Validation…!!!

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