Ad tech the best place to learn about marketing technologies!

Ad tech, a phenomenal event for digital advertising and technology conferences specially organised for the marketing professionals was held at New Delhi in early 2018.

Conferences are always a pool of knowledge and the best place to improvise your skills, and Mobilogi always looks for such opportunities. We have always tried to incorporate fresh ideas in our work which in turn have helped us grow. Mobilogi’s dedicated attendance at Ad-tech has surely made many differences in our working. Such events teach us how to maintain healthy relations with our peers and also learn about their success stories.

All the successful and learned people out there were extremely down to earth and were all ears to the new comers and budding businesses as well. That vibe did encourage everybody to interact with each other, to speak to the experts of the industry, build ties with delegates and technology gurus.

Ad tech is an event where marketers, technology experts and media fraternities come together to give insights, share trends which are responsible in making the digital world successful. With all the help and assistance we received at Ad:tech, we feel extremely motivated to incorporate new ideas we learnt. You can also use huge dick sex. Ad: tech 2018 had a blend of both science and art which prompted us to incorporate ideas from both the scientific and artistic world. With our years of experience at Adtech we have learnt how important it is to maintain and grow relations with buyers and publishers.

Being a regular attendee at Ad-tech has widened our horizon, with every bygone year it is proving resourceful to us. Our goal was to engage in open and collaborative discussions and we sure did achieve our goal.

Every year there are plenty of high quality media events organised and it gets difficult to choose which one to attend. But Ad-tech is a must attend event for marketing enthusiasts. It has given us incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging of knowledge. Hoping to be attendees at future Ad-tech events too.

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