Email Marketing trends that will lead 2018

Email Marketing is very commonly used and adopted by all the Businesses. Email Marketing being among the most popular and effective means of digital marketing, here are top 10 things Email Marketers should look forward to in 2018.

1. Engage Subscriber’s with Welcome Program

A welcome program is key—one that’s not just automated, but provides a warm on-boarding experience with multiple touch points.

The steps involve in Welcome Program is as follows:

Step 1 — Website email signup form

Step 2 — Thank-you page

Step 3 — Confirmation email

Step 4 — Preference center

Step 5 — Thank-you page

Step 6 — Welcome email

don’t forget the analytics!

2. Progressive Profiling

One gets to know more about a customer’s subscription through progressive profiling. This not only builds interactivity but helps in improving overall engagement through segmentation. Customer profile data tends to be some of the most accessible data for marketers and can create immediate impact if used correctly. One of the easiest methods to build out this profile data is through progressive profiling, which means gaining information about a customer‘s interests through their behavior within an email. Two approaches to progressive profiling can be taken:

1. Direct profiling requires asking a question within the email and making it possible for the reader to click on their desired answer. The answer clicked on is then systematically collected and the information is added to the subscriber’s profile.

2. Indirect profiling involves creating a link category for each link within the email and using click category information to indicate interest. Questions are not actually asked in this form of profiling.

3. Programmatic (not Ad hoc) Email Marketing

Programmatic emails are predictable, measurable, and produce higher impact—whereas Ad hoc emails follow ‘Batch & Blast’ and have lower ROI.

4. Receptive Email Designs

With Mobiles proliferating, marketers will have to adapt themselves to a portable and multi-screen reality. Based on the device usage, Content and Call-to-Action needs to be changed. Responsive design helps do this.

5. Cart Abandonment Emails becomes a new necessity

The rate of Cart Abandonment in India is 51% as reported by India Marketers. However, our research shows that the industry ‘best in class’ rate for Cart Abandonment in India is 70%-75%.

6. Take Care of Customer belief

Segment your customers by loyalty, and target them with campaigns that are relevant to their level of activity. However, brands must note that it is sometimes more profitable to focus on reactivating dormant customers, rather than incentivizing active ones who are already loyal.

7. Run Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Our research found that more than 44% of India Marketers are yet to deploy this strategy. This is an effective marketing tool that helps marketers understand their consumer base and mold their marketing strategies accordingly.

8. Keep a Track of every small bit

Tracking just opens & clicks provides an incomplete view of Email ROI. Integrating with higher campaign goals like carts and orders provides a more accurate and realistic understanding of Email ROI as compared to other digital channels.

9. Complete the Consumer Loop

There is a lot of time consumed by marketers in sending or pushing customer communications-or what we call ‘campaigns’. This is also borne out of this research where most marketers are not using tracking mechanisms effectively. Consistently we find that India Marketers are under-investing in data science-analysis, gathering insights and completing the feedback loop on what worked, as well as how to improve future campaigns.

10. Most Preferred Mobile

95% of new online users every month are connecting through mobile devices. Yet we see that for most of the campaigns, content and creative is first developed and tested on large screens (desktop) and then deployed on mobile platforms (responsive design). This approach has to change in 2016 to mobile first (design, develop and deployment) with optimized experience for the desktop.

Think about the previous Email Marketing that have worked for you and improvise on it.

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